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Commercial Insurance offers many coverages for your business. From "liability coverage", "business personal property coverage", "business income protection", and "business personal property" we can make sure that your business is covered. It does not matter what type of business you have because we can find a place for your line of business.

Supplemental insurance helps protect your finances when most unexpected things happen.  Accident, hospital, cancer, short term disability, dental, and vision plans can help put money in your pocket when you have to take time off from work.

Accident insurance helps from falling at work, doing yard work and lifting something a little too heavy, injuring yourself while playing sports.  It covers you if you are in an auto accident, cut yourself at home or on the job, or if you fall and have traumatic brain injury.

The Hospital insurance covers you for 24 hours or more in the hospital, physician visits, if selected it covers inpatient and outpatient surgery. 

The Cancer insurance pays from the initial diagnosis of cancer, it pays each week you have chemotherapy, the plan pays each week you have radiation treatments, it pays for surgery and reconstructive surgery, it pays for hospital stays, blood transfusions, and many other items.  The average cancer claim paid $24,000 in 2014.

Short term disability is a must and helps protect your income.  This protects you if you have surgery, are having a baby, or get hurt.  Usually there is a 7 day waiting period and then the benefits kick in for 3, 6, 0r 12 months depending on the length of benefit selected.

Dental insurance helps offset the costs of preventative, , minor, and major dental events.

Vision insurance helps offset the cost of an eye exam, frames, any eye diseases, or situations that might arise out of vision issues.